Pooch Perfect Canine Stylist, Dog Hotel & Spa

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About Us

We are a small quality grooming salon & Dog Hotel based in the Staffordshire/Cheshire border

with over 20+ years experience with both Show and Pet grooming. 
We offer friendly, professional and caring grooming and styling service to both young and old
We have to date Champions in both
West Highland White Terriers and Kerry Blue Terriers
and have also groomed  and handled two Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
to  their Champion titles.
Our aim is to give your pet a quality service with one to one attention
  1. You don't go to the Hairdressers with your hair "BOOBY TRAPPED" with burs, prickles etc.
  2. Your Hairdresser would NEVER clean your butt !!
  3. The Clipper, Scissor, Dryer etc: is NOT your sworn enemy.
  4. You don't FART in your hairdressers face when she leans in for a closer look !!
  5. Your Hairdresser would not touch a hair on your head if you had ticks, Fleas or Lice !!
  6. You don't wait until you are clean and then force out a poo and sit in it !!
  7. Your Hairdresser doesn't have to lift you into the bath whilst you are desperately trying to hold on to the floor !!
  8. You don't lick your Hairdressers face when she is cutting your hair.
  9. You don't erupt into full unstoppable song until your mum comes to get you.
  10. You don't try to scratch the skin off your Hairdressers arms when she trims your head !!